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Joeys Garden Expandable Garden Hose with 8 Function Hose Nozzle, Lightweight Anti-Kink Flexible Garden Hoses, Extra Strength Fabric with Double Latex Core (4 Sizes.)

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About this item

  • This Expandable Garden Hose starts out small and can expand to up to 3x its size under standard water pressure. When done using simply turn the water off and the hose will shrink back to its original size. Easily rolls up and stores away between uses. No tangling, knotting or twisting.
  • Each hose is tipped with solid brass connectors to ensure the hose can screw on easily to any standard spigot. Brass valve at the tip of the hose allows for maximum control of the water flow. So many uses for the expanding garden hose; gardening, patio cleaning, pet bathing, car wash...
  • Hose spray nozzle has a rubber handle for easy grip. 8 unique spray patterns for every function.
  • Outer elastic fabric with inner latex core for maximum durability. Tested for endurance, these hose will not burst or rupture.
  • Each Joeys Garden Hose comes in a ready to gift box, suitable for everyone on your list.


Introducing The New, High Quality Expandable Garden Hose by Joeys Garden©- Designed For Unrivaled Performance & Top Line Usability

Tired of poorly made (rubber) garden hoses that make washing your car or watering your plants an uphill struggle?

What if there was a lightweight, convenient, reliable and long lasting gardening solution?

It would be literally amazing – yet it sounds more like a dream…

Actually, it did. But that was BEFORE JOEYS GARDEN’s groundbreaking shrinking garden hose!!

Our mission at Joeys Garden is to innovate. As a result, we have developed the best expandable garden hose that offers PHENOMENAL convenience and maximizes usability!

This Expanding Garden Hose Has BEEN LOVED By People All Over The World:

The Joeys Garden© Lightweight Garden Hose is made to last and give you the most bang for your buck!

The perfect combination of practicality, functionality and usability – all combined in one expandable hose!

Joeys Garden© has taken the classic hose model and has taken it to a whole new level. The result?

An expandable garden hose that will make your life 10x EASIER!

We stand behind everything that we produce!

If you are not 100% thrilled with Joeys Garden’s shrinking water hose, it comes long with a 12 Months money back guarantee! Rest assured that you are always getting the best from us.

What are you waiting for?

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